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Who We Serve

Higher Education

We continue to be a preferred provider of services to higher education within our region. We audit many small to medium sized colleges and universities in Oklahoma and Colorado.

This includes the college's foundations and other component units. The years of experience auditing these types of organizations have provided us with the knowledge and efficiency seldom matched. Although many higher education entities require a rotation of auditors, we are proud of the fact that many entities have returned as clients after these required rotations.

Nonprofit Organizations

Active in the community, we have a heart of philanthropy and desire to serve. We are proud of the history of serving nonprofits in the local communities as auditors, consultants, and tax specialists.

We serve all types of nonprofits, including foundations, trusts, services organization, churches, religious organizations, and many others. Our extensive experience and customer service has helped many clients succeed. We focus on lowering costs and minimizing the disruption of your operations while providing high quality services.

Cities and Counties

Cities and Counties are unique governmental entities, and continue to be challenged for more transparency, efficiency, and accountability. Government leaders have pressures to make sure that these governments are complying with every changing accounting and compliance regulations while being cost effective.

We understand these pressures and work diligently to address their concerns. We have a great deal of experience in these type engagements, with our Denver office leading the way.

School Districts

School districts comprise of the largest category of state and local governments in terms of total funding and number of employees. As a result, school districts are subject to a great deal of public scrutiny, resulting in detailed and complex compliance and reporting requirements.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with these requirements and leading the way to assist our clients to meet these pressures.

Governmental Authorities

We are extensively familiar with all types of Governmental Authorities. Often these trusts and authorities help cities and counties operate unique activities to better the communities they serve.

We continue to have a focus on serving these authorities and assisting them with new accounting changes and reporting. We are dedicated to meet the required reporting time frames and deadlines to meet the overall city's or county's reporting requirements.

Small Businesses, Manufacturing, and Commercial

Our local communities are anchored by small businesses. Along with them, we have a passion for entrepreneurship and helping our clients succeed. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and take an unimaginable amount of risk to succeed. Through years of working with business owners and stakeholders, we have been able to explore and learn all areas of our customer's businesses and obtain knowledge specific to certain industries that can provide a competitive advantage.

This curiosity to learn and truly understand our client's business and desires separates us from other firms. We wish to be partners with companies and invest our time and share our resources to help the company improve future results.

We have extensive experience in auditing and tax preparation for the following industries:

  • ​​Manufacturing
  • Law firms
  • Service organizations
  • Commercial sales
  • Small and large family businesses
  • Steal and fabrication industry
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Insurance sales
  • Construction, builders & contractors
  • Homeowners associations
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